Hot Tub & Spa Resources

After 23 years in the spa business, you learn a few things. And we like to share our knowledge :-) Enjoy these free, handy resource guides that cover spa energy savings, spa safety, water maintenance and more.

Pool & Spa Safety

Hot Tub Tips from the CDC
Protect yourself from recreational water illnesses with this handy CDC guide.

Pool & Spa Safety Tips Card
This printable card reviews the simple water safety rules that can save lives.

Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools & Spas
Prevent child drownings with these guidelines from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Spa Safety Tips for You and Your Family
Spa safety is critical. The life you save could be your own (or your child's). Please read and share this one.

Hot Tub Safety Checklist for Kids
Our 8 step checklist to keep kids safe in the spa.

Spa Energy Saving

Hot Tub Energy Saving Tips
Follow these 10 common sense tips to conserve heat in your hot tub and save on your energy bill.

Hot Tub Winterizing Tips
Run your spa in the winter? Learn how to save energy (and money) with these handy tips.

Spa Maintenance

Spa Water Maintenance Basics
Learn about pH, alkalinity, hard water, shocking, sanitizing and more. Keep your spa water sparkling clean with this guide.

How to Revive Your Older Spa
Old spas rule! Take care of that classic with this handy guide.

5 Tips to Protect Your Spa Cover 
Pro tips from an expert with 17+ years in the spa business on how to make your cover last.

Hot Tub Glossary
Our handy list of hot tub terms.