Hot Tub Safety Checklist for Kids

Hot tub safety for kids

Follow these rules to keep kids safe in the spa:

  1. Infants and toddlers should not be permitted in a hot tub. Their thin skin makes them more susceptible to overheating.
  2. Small children have very little control over bodily functions. This can lead to your spa becoming unsanitary almost instantly when an accident happens.
  3. No young child should be allowed in a hot tub until they can stand on the bottom and have their head remain completely out of the water.
  4. Children who are big enough to be in a hot tub should not use it for more than five minutes at a time, especially at the maximum temperature of 104 degrees. Dropping the spa temperature to 98 degrees would allow for longer soaks, but never more than 15 minutes at a time.
  5. Young children should avoid full body immersion. Have them sit on jump seats or an inflatable spa cushion and try to limit them to waist-high immersion.
  6. All persons, and especially young children, should be encouraged to drink fresh water while they're soaking.
  7. If a child in the spa feels sick to their stomach, dizzy and/or sleepy, they should exit the spa immediately.
  8. There should always be an adult designated to maintain constant visual contact with children whenever they are near, or could get near, any body of water.