56 Frame Spa Motors

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We sell a wide variety of AO Smith Century 56 frame electric motors for hot tubs. These are the larger of the two through-bolt style spa motors with 4 1/8 inch between studs. These are NEW, not reconditioned.

All are 230 Volt. Shipped without cords. They carry a one year warranty. Please note one or two speed, horsepower, and amperage rating to select a replacement.

How to Determine Your Spa Motor Size
The easiest way to determine whether your spa takes a 48-frame or 56-frame motor is to measure between the thru-bolts. These are the bolts that run the length of the motor and screw into the four legs of the wet-end volute or seal plate.

If you measure 4 1/8" between bolts, you need a 56 frame motor BELOW
(If you measure 3 5/8" between bolts, you need a 48 frame motor)

How to tell difference between 48 frame and 56 frame spa motors