Vita Spa Replacement Jets

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We stock a large selection of Vita Spa replacement jets - including the Cyclone, QD+, QD200 and Quad Roto jets - for all models of Vita Spas.

How to Find the Right Jets for your Vita Spa

Keep in mind that the brand of jets in your spa are typically NOT the same brand as your spa. We cannot match part numbers from your existing jets, as manufacturers use various proprietary numbering schemes that we do not have access to. So, what's the easiest way to figure out which jets you need?

1. Review the jets below and find a possible match.
2. Email us at info(at) (or use our contact form). Include a photo of your current jets if you can.
3. We can tell you which jets will fit your tub.
4. You order new jets and enjoy your spa again!

Easy! :-)