Spa Water Test Strips & Supplies

Test strips are an easy to use, affordable way to accurately test your hot tub water. We also sell liquid test kits if you prefer, but we use test strips religiously and haven't had any major issues in 15 years.

Why Test Your Hot Tub Water?
Simple. To protect both your skin and your spa equipment, you want to make sure you have the right balance of chemicals so that the water is neither too alkaline nor too acidic. As well, testing your spa water is critical for using spa sanitizer systems.

How to use Hot Tub Water Testing Strips
Here is a general step-by-step on how to use water test strips. Of course, make sure to READ THE DIRECTIONS on the test strips you are using for the final word.

1. Allow spa to circulate for a bit, then take a 1-2 oz. sample in a CLEAN plastic drinking glass.
2. Remove a test strip and dip it in the water just deep enough to wet the test pad(s). 
3. Remove excess water by shaking the strip once.
4. Hold strip horizontal, pad side up, for 15 seconds.
5. Make color comparisons with bottle chart.
6. Adjust spa water as necessary.
7. Allow water to cycle several hours after adding balance chemicals, then retest.

Tips for Working with Test Strips
- Be sure to wash your hands before performing the test. Chemical residue on your fingers can skew the test results.
- Never put a wet finger into the test strip container! This will contaminate the unused strips.
- Don't store your test strips outside. Keep them at room temperature, dry, and away from direct sunlight.
- Always use fresh strips. Don’t use strips past their expiration date or they may give you funky/wrong results.