Waterway Adjustable Mini Jet Internal: WHIRLY

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  • These all snap into bodies shown in corresponding mini jet photo. Face diameter is 2 5/8 inches. Larger face styles exist, and are available special order.
  • Jet backside (under card) shows newer version with white hexagonal insert installed that slips over NEW nozzles (shown on left, right).
  • These must be ordered separately along with desired jets if replacing older style. They screw in place of older nozzles with 15 mm socket, and accept new internals of any style. These are sold first item listed in two sizes.
  • BLACK jets shown are DELUXE scalloped face, from L to R: WHIRLY, PULSATOR, DIRECTIONAL.
  • WHITE jets shown are SMOOTH face, from L to R: DIRECTIONAL, WHIRLY, PULSATOR.
  • GREY jets shown are 5 SCALLOP face, from L to R: DIRECTIONAL, WHIRLY, PULSATOR.