Waterway Adjustable Mini Jet Internal: DIRECTIONAL

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ONLY style available now is white 12 scallop (deluxe) version.
  • These all snap into bodies shown in corresponding mini jet photo. Face diameter is 2 5/8 inches. Larger face styles exist, and are available special order.
  • Jet backside (under card) shows newer version with white hexagonal insert installed that slips over NEW nozzles (shown on left, right).
  • Must be ordered separately along with desired jets if replacing older style.
  • They screw in place of older nozzles with 15 mm socket, and accept new internals of any style. These are sold first item listed in two sizes.
  • BLACK jets shown are DELUXE scalloped face, from L to R: WHIRLY, PULSATOR, DIRECTIONAL.
  • WHITE jets shown are SMOOTH face, from L to R: DIRECTIONAL, WHIRLY, PULSATOR.
  • GREY jets shown are 5 SCALLOP face, from L to R: DIRECTIONAL, WHIRLY, PULSATOR.