Waterway 2 inch Diverter Valve, complete

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Used in numerous brands for decades, this diverter/jet selector valve is very common. Many caps and lever styles/colors are used between brands, but the basic internals are the same. Valve body threads are 2 3/4 inches outside diameter (cap threads 2 3/4 Inside diameter).

Square top of valve internal measures 7/16 inch per side, and lever plugs onto this peg and presses on two small seal o-rings into cap. Cap threads onto body against one larger o-ring (shown on top of valve body) Two other large o-rings come with body, and seal against shell coupler and nut with gasket, shown left. Black valve internal is 2 5/16 outside diameter.

Two lever styles shown; the more common 'teardrop' style, (bottom) and the 'arrow' version (top). These units typically seize up from sand and grit, and can be removed and sanded (400 grit) smooth inside of body, and outside of valve internal. Leaks are usually cured by replacing two small o-rings and large cap o-ring. Lube these with silicone grease or equivalent to aid in installation and leak prevention.

Grey only, inquire on other colors avail.