Spa Pump Shaft Seal '1000'

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  • For 5/8 inch shaft, reversed mounting from typical shaft seals.

  • Choose Good (Graphitic plastic), Better (Viton) or Best (Silicon Carbide)

  • Used in Waterway, Sta-Rite, Pentair, Hydro-Dynamics, Acura, Sonfarrel/Martec, AquaFlo A, Premier.

  • Use small amount of silicone grease to help seat seal rubber, stainless cup should be set in 100% silicone caulk.

  • MFG #'s: PS-1000, 071734S, 319-3100B, 5130-140, 5170-06, 5250-106 , 606640, 71728, 92500050, 9330-25A, 9330-25B, AS-1000, P55, PS-1905, PS-3865, PS-3865R, PS1000, PS1905, PS3865R, U109-136SS, USSPS1000B, VG-1000.