Rainbow 50 Spa Filter, Unicel C4950, Pleatco PRB50IN, Filbur FC2390

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  • 13 1/8 inches long
  • 4 7/8 inch diameter
  • 2 1/8 inch hole both ends
  • Same size as Rainbow 25 (CH29), but twice the paper. 
  • Fits just about every spa in the universe including: Accent, Aqua Mystic, After Hours, Alps, American, Arctic, Arizona Pacific, Artesian, Baja, Baker Hydro, Beachcomber, Beachcraft, Blue Falls, Blue Pacific, Bullfrog, Cal Spas, Charisma, Coast, Coleman, CMP, Diamante, Diamond, Discovery, Dynasty, Freedom, GPM, Great Lakes, Grecian, Haugh's, Hawkeye, Heldor, Hydro, Infinity, JEM, Leisure Bay, Lifestyle, Maax, Marathon, Millenium, Moonwater, Morgan, Niagra Whirlpool, Northwest, Orca Bay, Pajeant, Phoenix, QCA, River Valley, Rubadub Tub, Safari, Savannah, Seahorse, Sequoia Design, Signature, Sonoma, Spa Crest, Statewood, Streamline, Sunbelt, Sun Country, Sundance, Sunrise, Sunset, Superior, Tiara, US, US Tooling, Warm Springs, Waterway, Wild River & Wind River!
  • Codes: Unicel C4950, Pleatco PRB50IN, Filbur FC2390
  • Manufacturer part #'s cross reference: 15002, AK-3049, 15002, 03FIL1600, 15002ECO, 17-2380, 25391, 30058153301-2145, 5001, 609563, 645544023902, 6540-471, 817-5000, C-4950, FC-2390FC-2390-HB, PLE-051-0088, PRB50-IN, UNIC4950, 4900-41, 4902-109, 4904-007, P-4950