Jacuzzi LX Spa Pump Parts

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  • Used in J-300 and J-400 series from May 2009 and up.
  • 'Bracketless' design refers to matched 56 frame motors which have no mounting base plate attached; a central strap mounts motor to foot pad so it can be infinitely rotated.
  • This pump is also supplied in only one horsepower rating - 2.5.
  • See second inset picture for backside part identification detail.
  • Parts 1-7 sold individually in drop down menu, or choose 'complete' for whole wet end in 2.5 HP.
  • For reference # 1 is front half, volute, or FACEPLATE
    #2 is back half or HOUSING
    # 3 IMPELLER
    #5 O RING
    #6 DRAIN PLUG - single, with o ring
    #7 CASE BOLTS- set of 8