CMP TS-III Directional Spa Jet for Jacuzzi CAD (Complete) OUT OF STOCK

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CURRENTLY NOT IN STOCK, FALL 2021... Hydro Air 'Converta'ssage and 'Micro'ssage' jets use the same hole size.
  • This is a generic for Jacuzzi 'HT' and 'WHT' Whirlpool Bath jets.
  • Used in 70's and 80's, fits 2.5" hole size, termed the "3-1/4" CAD jet".
  • The inner eyeball nozzle, seat ring, and threaded clamp ring fit older Jacuzzi bodies.
  • Body accepts 1 inch pvc (internal slip) for air and water, OR 1-1/2" pvc (external slip) - may be reduced easily for 1/2" air.
  • Compact design and cheap price will allow complete replacement for older jets, or add some more!
  • Jacuzzi original reference part numbers are 43-2999-08-XX, 609823, 011153.
  • You are buying ONE complete jet. Sorry folks - tool no longer exists - try large needle-nose pliers opened up, or insert the handle end of standard pair of pliers.