Hydro Quip Platinum Series Spa Heater 230V 5.5kW

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  • Used in modular HQ control systems.
  • 2 inch x 15 inch size is the 'slide' heater that can mount remotely or under/over control box.
  • Corded with specific male ends for pressure switch (purple) and heater power (black) to plug into these systems.
  • Pressure switch is included, as well as union ends and gaskets.
  • NOTE on install: orientation needs to locate pressure switch box in side or under position when placed horizontally, NOT up at 11-12-1 o'clock position as pressure switch will not see correct pressures.
  • MFG# 48-PS55-S, also replaces part#'s 22-873-040-0543, 22-873-050-0543, 22-87B-S00-1FP3, 26-87B-S00-1FP3, 48-HS45, 48-HS55, 48-PS40, 48-PS40-S, 48-PS45, 48-PS55, 48-PS55-S, 9296-11.