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  • 3 Bodies available: All come with white wall fitting and gasket. 1" air X 1" Water (Softubs) , 1.5" air X 1.5" water, and 1" air X 1.5" water ( not shown) 
  • 'NLA' = No Longer Available. We do have some used nozzles sold elsewhere on our parts page, if in stock. Move to #6 or 7 to replace - same flows.
  • Grey wall fitting ' * ' is dealer INSTALL only item !?!, not to be sold online...
  • To use Pulse-Flo jet (#9), you'll need PRE-2006 Tub model that has # 12
  • Vari-Flo directional jet (adjustable pressure #6 #7) and Whirl-Flo jets (Monster flow #8 )will fit ALL Softub models, which may mean removing existing internals from 2007-present.
  • Make sure ALL year model Softubs have the 'air seat ring' (#5) installed in bottom of jet body under every and all style of jet, new or old to make air draw pull in correctly when air control is opened up.
  • TOOL has 2 pins for ALL wall fittings, and backside is to remove PRE-2006 "4 finger"  internals. Current 'logo face' jet internals can be unscrewed to clean & inspect with our proprietary jet tool ( sold nearby -yellow ) after popping out jets ( twist & pry method).
  • Contact us about pressure testing & plugs - we can supply kits depending on your year & model!