CNY HOT TUBS' JET TOOL for Softub Brand Spas

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  • For use on Hayward Brand (LOGO FACE ) Jets on all Softubs 2006 - present.
  • pin wrench (TOP OF TOOL) fits wall fittings (all years) to change out gaskets.
  • Bottom teeth unscrew internal to allow clean out of scram & scuzz buildup.
  • 4 pc. internal shown on left (snapped apart) -throw in dishwasher to clean!
  • Make sure to inspect white 'air seat ring' behind internal for cracks or deformities.
  • Softub logo'd jets pop straight out with "pull, pry & twist" method, but if performed often will wear out sharp edge on locking tabs. This is why we stick with the 'old-school' version jets - keep it simple!
  • NOTE on fitment: this tool needs to be seated FLAT in fitting, if mis-aligned and forced it can break off the teeth/nubs on bottom.
  • Tool also fits 1st gen Hydro Air suction wall fittings ( all tubs 2008 and previous ).
  • UPDATE summer '24 -  New design ( shown RIGHT ) utilizes replaceable wrench tip for damage replacement ( and other tools coming soon! ).