Hydro-Air Magna Spa Jets (Complete)

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Requires a 2 5/8 inch hole size. COMPLETE unit includes: pass through ported body (3/4" water, 3/8" air), wall fitting and gasket (#1 in photo), handle (#2), directional nozzle (#4) and nozzle assembly (#8 in photo). OLD two piece nozzle that is no longer available (#7 in photo) shown as reference has been replaced by #8 in photo. Available in White or Grey.

Choose between directional style jet or dual-port spinner jet when selecting separate internal in your color choice.

The three inner JET styles, available in white or grey, are SINGLE PORT SPINNER (#3), DIRECTIONAL EYEBALL (#4), and DUAL PORT SPINNER (#5). These will snap into the HANDLE (#2 white or grey) that slides onto nozzle inside body and snaps into wall fitting. Removed by prying/popping out.

There is also a stainless trim ring (escutcheon) that presses on handle (#6) There is a WRENCH for wall fitting (not shown) also found below.