Spa Pump & Motor Combos

We offer a large selection of hot tub pump and motor combos from AquaFlo, VICO and Waterway for all makes and models of spas. These are NEW motors coupled with NEW pumps (not rebuilt junk) with manufacturer warranties.

Spa Pump Anatomy: Wet End vs. Dry End
A spa pump has two main parts:
1. The “wet” end which houses the impeller (and actually moves the water in the spa).
2. The “dry” end which houses the electric motor (which in turn moves the impeller).

Spa pump wet end and dry end: Which is which?

These are two separate parts and may be replaced individually. We sell spa motors and spa pumps separately if you want to go that route. However, if your entire system is more than 3-4 years old we often recommend replacing the entire system at once to avoid future headaches. 

How to Determine Which Motor/Pump Combo is Right for Your Spa
You will need to know a few things to ensure you choose the right new pump for your spa:

1. Horsepower - Whenever possible, the replacement pump should have the same horsepower as your old one. Changing the HP of your pump will change the pressure within your spa plumbing system and may damage your spa, cause leaks, etc. If you absolutely have to change horsepower, we recommend you keep the change as small as possible. Example: 1.5 HP to 2 HP or 3 HP to 3.5 HP will probably be OK. But DO NOT increase from 1 HP to 4 HP or similar. You are just asking for trouble.

2. Speed - Typically, spa pumps are either 1 or 2 speeds. If it doesn't say right on the pump itself, and easy way to tell is by the way your pump supplies water to your spa. If you push the button once and your jets come on (and then push once and they go off) - you have a single speed pump. If you push the button and your jets come on 'low speed' but then you can press it again to get 'high speed' - you have a 2 speed pump.

3. Frame - Most spas take either a 48 frame pump or a 56 frame pump. The easiest way to tell which size you have is to measure between the thru-bolts as follows. (It may also say on the motor label which size you have.)

How to tell if you have a 48 frame or 56 frame spa motor

4. Voltage - The best source of this information is the label on your current pump or your hot tub’s owner’s manual. It is critical to check this, as some spas for 240 Volts don't actually use use 240 Volt pumps (some use 120 Volt pumps).

5. Spa Plumbing - What is the size of the plumbing in your spa? Measure the diameter of the pipe within your spa (ie. 1.5", 2", etc.) Most spas will be the same size for both the intake and outtake pipe, but double check just to be safe!

Of course, we are happy to help you navigate all of this. Drop us an email at info(at) or use our contact form and we can help!