Hydro-Air Adjustable VSR Spa Jets- NOT IN STOCK

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  • It's Back! - stronger design
  • Smooth grey face or grey/scallop
  • 5 inch face diameter
  • 4 5/8 inch standing height.
  • Inner nozzle moves to adjust spinning radius.
  • Fits all previous bodies (still available) with new glue-in lock-ring, shown bottom right.
  • This newer style is more durable, and no 'tabs' (arrow) to erode or break off.

To install:
(1) Drain spa below jet to be fixed.
(2) Clean inside existing jet body thoroughly.
(3) Apply pvc cement [no primer] inside body fully encircling inner radius at 1.5 inch depth only as well as outer surface of lock ring.
(4) Insert lock ring and seat fully into jet body, making sure to align tab to slot - wipe off excess cement immediately.
(5) After glue dries [30 min] insert jet into body, aligning  tab to slot along body and press to snap in.

Learn more by watching our Adjustable VSR video.