Ultimate Softub Chemical Starter Kit (Free shipping)

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A 4 month supply of SOFTCARE brand chemicals. This is what your dealer should provide to keep ya happy with a new tub! (we do) ...and your warranty in check!  

This Chlorine/mineral cartridge system includes the sanitizer (Spa Frog) for a 4 month period, as well as all the water balancers and maintenance products to keep you comfy for many months more

SAVE $ 9.00 on kit !  - AND free freight to lower 48! - Includes:

  • ONE 2lb bottle of chlorine
  • GON metal and stain eliminator 16 oz.
  • WATER CLEAR clarifier and brightener 16 oz.
  • pH up 16 oz.
  • pH down 16 oz.
  • DEFOAM 16 oz.
  • Filter RENU spray filter cleaner 16 oz.
  • Spa frog 4 month mineral purifier cartridge.
  • Spa Frog TEST STRIPS- for keeping chlorine at a minimum safe level - pH, hardness, and alkalinity.
  • Softub 'Spa-Side Reference', and Troubleshooting guide on waterproof plastic hard card to keep with your chems.