Tubby Rodent Busters All Natural Rodent Repellent

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  • Tubby Rodent Busters by Maple Mountain Fire Logs.
  • Eight wax and sawdust pucks infused with peppermint and cedar oils.
  • Scent expels for 3-4 months, just long enough a season to chase out hibernating mice, rats, chipmunks, groundhogs and squirrels.
  • Use in RV’s, boats, attics, pool covers, spa cabinets, ATV’s, winter cabins, etc.
  • For best results place in an enclosed space with minimal airflow to have smells permeate airspace.
  • When done with season, these are EXCELLENT fire starters! Just touch a match to these for a good 10 minute strong flame.
  • Comes in pack of 8 pucks.