Emergency Tank Heater (Free shipping)

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This 120 Volt 1500 Watt stand alone circulation ‘thermo-pump’ can save your pipes in frigid weather!

Just plumb this heater with hoses in and out of your tub, make sure to prime (fill lines with water) and plug in.

Accepts any 5/8 or 3/4 inch I.D. hose (clamps included). Also includes a mounting bracket and a ‘Y’ connector for possible inside cabinet installs for spas that have ‘lo-flow’ heaters with 3/4 inch piping.

Only to be used as a temporary stand by until spas can be serviced. Not to be used in warmer climates as unit may overheat spas’ water, causing scalding to skin.

Diagram shown depicts typical install over the side of tub. Make sure arrow points up on heating unit when mounted, and hoses are full of water before turning on. Also note weight of spa cover may pinch hoses. If you’re in a remote area this may be a good insurance policy to keep your investment safe until help arrives.