Pentair Luxury Micro Spa Jets COMPLETE

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Available in two styles and two colors. Adjustable pressure (left to right rotating). All jet face sizes are 2 1/2 inches, 12 scallop design.

These are removed by fully rotating counter-clockwise and prying/popping out of body. Notice the two long studs on back side of white SPINNER jet, and two short, two long studs on back of white DIRECTIONAL jet. Internal 'mixing chamber' valve is shown in front of jet body, next to black split-ring. (Split-ring threads in-out w/ needle-nose pliers)

These two parts are available as a 'rebuild kit' as the silicone gasket attached to the white 6-tabbed valve commonly deteriorates. When body is ordered, these are included. Jet body is 3/4 inch water barb, and 3/8 inch air barb. Wall fitting tool is shown far right with four steel pins.

COMPLETE JET includes:

  • body w/ mix chamber
  • wall fitting
  • gasket
  • directional jet